Cite and get credit

Datasets require citations for the same reasons as journal articles, books, proceedings, and so on: to acknowledge the original author/producer and to help other researchers find the resource.

Cite Others

A dataset citation includes the same components as any other citation:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Year of publication
  • Publisher (For data sets,  this is often the archive where it is housed.)
  • Edition or version
  • Access information (a URL or other persistent identifier).

Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard or guideline for citing datasets. Below are our recommendations for a number of citation styles:

Moreover, DataCite provides a brief guide and UBC Library offers a more comprehensive guide to citing social science data.

Get Cited

Research data in an open access repository is findable and citable.

In addition, you can create a free account on ORCID, ImpactStory, or  Google Scholar, etc. You can add links to your profile to unique URIs (or DOIs) of your datasets, just as for other publications.


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