Get an ORCID iD

An ORCID iD helps you and your research output stay connected throughout your career

Persistent identifiers, such as DOIs, are used to create reliable, persistent links to digital objects like research papers and datasets. But there are also persistent identifiers for researchers. Unlike those used for digital objects, persistent identifiers for researchers are attached to one person’s research output. However, some persistent identifiers are directly tied to specific disciplines or even publishers, thus limiting their application. That’s where ORCID comes in.

ORCID iDs allow researchers to connect all of their research to a singular, unique record. An ORCID iD is yours, for your entire career. Even if your name changes or you move between countries, postings, or fields, your ORCID iD remains unchanged. You will commonly see ORCID iD’s listed on publications and requested in grant applications. ORCID iD’s can be represented as a unique URL or as a QR code, allowing you to add it to anything you wish, including CV’s, personal websites, business cards, and presentations with ease. ORCID iD allows you to compile your works and other pertinent information into a profile accessible through your ORCID iD.

ORCID is an international non-profit organization. In Canada, the ORCID-CA consortium is administered by the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and has dozens of members. They hope to register all researchers in Canada for an ORCID iD to use throughout their careers.

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