UBC supports FRDR, a Canadian federated research data repository

If your dataset is larger than a few GB, or if any of your files is larger than 2.5 GB, we will be happy to help you submit them to the national Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) service.

FRDR allows researchers to discover, share, and download Canadian research data. It complies with the FAIR principles. FRDR provides DOIs as well, and allows you to apply a reuse license. Geodisy is a geographic overlay within FRDR that allows you to search for data by research location.

You can self-deposit right away with your Compute Canada account or contact for facilitated deposit.

Key features of FRDR include: 

  • No data deposit fees. 
  • Data curation review and support by the FRDR data curation team.
  • Up to 1 TB of storage space for each researcher by default; more is available on request. 
  • Supports individual file sizes larger than 2.5 GB. 
  • Canadian data storage platform. 
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at the dataset level. 
  • Data deposits via HTTP or Globus file transfer (for large datasets).
  • Standardized metadata and a nationwide data discovery platform.
  • Geospatial data search with Geodisy. 

Guides for FRDR:

Guides with video content:


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