Depositing research data supports the validation and verification of research

UBC Library supports two robust repositories for your data:
  • UBC Dataverse Collection– An open-source application to publish, share, reference, cite, extract and analyze research data. UBC Library can create a Dataverse setup for your research group where you can actively manage your data, share it securely with colleagues, provide version control, establish a permanent data citation, get a DOI for your dataset, and more. All Dataverse files are digitally preserved.
  • FRDR – The Federated Research Data Repository, is a Canadian national research data repository. It allows researchers to discover, share, and download Canadian research data.

Note about Dryad – Dryad is an international, multi-disciplinary data repository that supports access to data underlying published literature. UBC Library institutional membership ended in 2024., the Registry of Research Data Repositories, provides information about other available repositories, worldwide. Your subject librarian can advise on available repositories in your field.

Download "Where Should I Deposit My Data?" guide as a PDF
There are other topics related to depositing your data, beyond just the repositories:
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