Data preservation

Research data deposited in the UBC Dataverse Collection is digitally preserved

UBC Dataverse Collection Preservation Plan: Level 1 Overview
(Please see the full details on the Borealis Data site)

  • We will perform fixity checks for all user-uploaded files are conducted every 30 days

    • Includes draft and restricted datasets

    • Does not include derivatives, thumbnails, etc. created by Dataverse

    • Downloads file from the storage, computes checksum, and compares with the value stored in a database

    • Ensures the ongoing integrity of files stored in the repository

  • All files are stored in the Ontario Library Research Cloud and backed up to IBM TSM tape nightly

    • Up to 7 versions of files are retained in backup for 30 days

  • Preservation-supporting functions in Dataverse:

    • File format identification using JHOVE

    • Transformation of tabular data formats into non-proprietary tabular text data files (.tab) upon ingest

    • Generation of UNFs (Universal Numeric Fingerprints) for tabular data files

Fixity remediation steps

  • Error in file(s) identified through monthly scan – Examples: Empty (0-byte) file, missing file, checksum does not match stored value

  • Compare with the copy in backup

  • If backup resolves the issue, replace the bad file(s) with good versions on the file system

  • If the issue is not resolved via backup, we will contact depositor(s) and institutional contact for file replacement


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