UBC supports UBC Dataverse@Scholars Portal, a cross-disciplinary research data repository

Scholars Portal Dataverse is a collaboration among Canadian institutions within the larger platform of Dataverse, which is used by institutions worldwide. Data is stored entirely on Canadian servers. Within Scholars Portal Dataverse, many institutions have their own institutional Dataverse, like UBC. We have the UBC Research Data Collection, which contains sub-Dataverses for researchers, labs, and projects across UBC. Datasets in our dataverse are discoverable by Google, UBC Library Summon, FRDR, and DataCite.

Key features of UBC Dataverse include: 

  • UBC CWL integration.
  • No data deposit fees. 
  • Support from the Research Data Management Librarian.
  • Dedicated Dataverses for yourself or your department / lab / research group are available. 
  • Canadian data storage platform.
  • 2.5 GB maximum individual file size.
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at the dataset level. 
  • Different licensing models (CC0, CC-BY-4 and others) are available.
  • Standardized metadata and a nationwide data discovery platform.
  • Datasets are incorporated automatically into FRDR, making them findable alongside other Canadian research data.

Guides for Dataverse:

Training Materials from Scholars Portal:

  • Dataverse 101 – An overview of the purpose, importance, and benefits of sharing research data, as well as an overview of the Dataverse repository platform and its key features.
  • Video Tutorials


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