Workshops and events

In collaboration with UBC Library’s Research Commons, we offer a variety of research data workshops. To schedule a research data management workshop for your class, research group, lab, etc., please contact Eugene Barsky, Research Data Librarian.

Also, here is a short list of conference presentations and articles we have written and offered for research data:

  • Barsky, E., Joseph, P., & Sprout, B. (2017, April). Let Them Have DOIs : Persistent Identifiers for Digital Assets in the University of British Columbia. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 2017. Seattle, WA,  April 19-21, 2017. Available at
  • Gutteridge, K. and Barsky, E. (2017, January). Taking Care of Business: The Clinical Research Data Edition. Workshop for the Health Libraries Association of British Columbia (HLABC) Winter Continuing Education. Vancouver, BC. January 23, 2017. Available at
  • Barsky, E. (2016, November). Getting Your Hands Dirty with Research Data Management (RDM). Workshop for ACCOLEDS conference, Statistics Canada, November 29, 2016. Victoria, BC. Available at 
  • Barsky, E. and Gutteridge, K. (2016, November). It Takes a Village – Collaborative Best Practices in Clinical Research Data Management. Workshop for BC Children’s Hospital. Monday, 21 November, 2016. Vancouver, BC.
  • Barsky, E. (2016, November). Best Practices for Research Data Management – Using Dataverse for Research Data. Westgrid webinar presentation. Wednesday, November 16, 2016. Online. Available at
  • Barsky, E. (2016, November). Persistent Identifiers for Data: Focus on DOIs. Pacific Northwest Data Curators Meeting. November 10, 2016. Vancouver, BC. Available at
  • Gutteridge, K, and Barsky, E. (October 2016). UBC’s response to the Tri-Council Policy on Digital Data Management and increasing Open Access Requirements. BC REB Retreat 2016. Wednesday, 19th October 2016. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Barsky, E. (2016, October). DOIs and Other Persistent Identifiers in Research Data. ORCID Vancouver Workshop. October 6, 2016. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Available at
  • Barsky, E. (2016). Dataverse for Research Data: Using Best Practices for Research Data Management in UBC. Canadian Higher Education Information Technology Conference (CANHEIT). June 2016, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Available at
  • Sewerin, C., Barsky, E., Cheung, M., Dearborn, D., Henshilwood, A., Hwang, C., MacPherson, E., Munroe, F., Spence, M., Stevenson, S., Szigeti, K., and Zaraiskaya, T. (2016). RDM Needs of Science and Engineering Researchers: a View from Canada. International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology (IASSIST ) Annual Conference. June 2016, Bergen, Norway. Accessible at
  • Sewerin, C., Barsky, E., Cheung, M., Dearborn, D., Henshilwood, A., Hwang, C., Keys, S., MacPherson, E., Mitchell, M., Munroe, F., Spence, M., Stevenson, S., Szigeti, K., and Zaraiskaya, T. (2016). From Coast to Coast: Canadian Collaboration in a Changing RDM Seascape. International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) Annual Conference 2016. June 2016, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Available at
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “Research Data Management, a view from Vancouver”. Digital Library Federation 2015 conference Invited Talk, October 28, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Accessible at
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “YouTube for Mathematics (almost…)”. Digital Library Federation 2015 conference, October 28, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Accessible at 
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “Best Practices for Research Data Management”. BC Cancer Agency Invited Talk. Monday, September 14, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Accessible at  
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “Get your hands dirty with Data Management Plans”. Code4lib BC Spring Workshops,  Friday, May 1, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Barsky, E., and Cundy, S. (2015). “Research Data on Our Campuses: Roles and Responsibilities“. 2nd Annual True North Science Boot Camp,  Monday, May 25, 2015, Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “Canadian Data Management Planning Tool or “Get Your Hands Dirty with DMPs””. 2nd Annual True North Science Boot Camp,  Wednesday , May 27, 2015, Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • Barsky, E. (2015). “The ABC of DMPs: Introduce Yourself to Data Management Plans” BCNET 2015 Annual Conference. Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Accessible at 
  • Barsky, E. (2014). “Research Data Management in UBC: Time to Walk the Walk” ALS BCLA Fall meeting, 5 December 2014. Accessible at
  • Barsky, E. , Humphrey, C. and Boyko, E. (2014). “Getting out in front of Data Management Plans”. ACCOLEDS Workshop, 27 November 2014. Accessible at
  • Read, K., Mc Donald G., Mackay, B., and Barsky, E. (2014). “A Commitment to First Nations Data Governance: A Primer for Health Librarians”. J Can Health Libr Assoc, 35:11-15, 10.5596/c14-003, Accesible at