It’s crucial to have a plan for organizing, documenting and backing up your data, and your funding agency may require that you share your data or make it publicly accessible.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document you create that sets out how you will organize, store and share your research data at each stage in your project.  A DMP is a living document that can be modified to accommodate changes in the course of your research.

For step-by-step guidance in creating a Data Management Plan, we recommend the following online tools:
  • DMP Assistant  (Portage initiative) to create data management plans for Canadian funders.
  • DMP Tool  to create data management plans for US funders, such as NIH or NSF.


Before collecting your data, you should consider the metadata you will need to provide with the data to make it easily understood, as well as the privacy, intellectual property, copyright, or licensing issues to be addressed with regard to the sharing.

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