Store and back up

Ensure the safety of your data. Replacing it could be time-consuming, costly or impossible.

Your data management plan should include a plan for backing up your data on a regular basis. The risk of losing data due to human error, natural disasters, or other mishaps can be mitigated by following theĀ 3-2-1 backup rule:

  • 3 – Have at least three copies of your data.
  • 2 – Store the copies on two different media (e.g. hard drive, cloud storage, DVD).
  • 1 – Keep one backup copy offsite

Please include metadata and readme.txt files in your backups.

We recommend that you check with your IT group to see what kind of storage and back up capacity they can provide. For instance, most UBC researchers will have access to the Compute Canada Data Storage network. Alternatively, your research team can consider the UBC IT Storage Grid.


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