UBC supports Dryad, a well-established open data repository

Dryad is an international, curated, multi-disciplinary data repository that supports access to data underlying published literature. Dryad assigns DOIs and requires that you apply a CC0 license to all datasets. This openness to the sharing of research data positions Dryad’s services in direct support of the FAIR principles, an approach we emphasize when working with our researchers at UBC. The Library has sponsored institutional membership for UBC researchers for Dryad that allows unlimited data publishing deposits – covering all fees, including large file costs. We chose to sponsor the Dryad membership to provide an option in addition to the library-managed UBC Dataverse Collection and library-supported FRDR repository, in recognition of the importance of Dryad in some disciplines, especially in the Life Sciences.

In order to utilize the UBC Library sponsored membership, please follow these instructions:


Key features of Dryad include: 

  • UBC CWL integration.  
  • Data curation review and support by the Dryad data curation team. 
  • No fees for basic data deposits because UBC is an institutional member. Deposit fees may apply for very large deposits. 
  • Data quality and accessibility verification, metadata cleanup and curation and direct support to researchers.
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at the dataset level. 
  • Mandatory public domain dedication (CC0 license) for all datasets. 
  • Datasets are incorporated automatically into the UBC Dryad2Dataverse collection on the UBC Dataverse and into FRDR (see below). 


Guides for Dryad:



The Library’s Research Commons has also created the Dryad2Dataverse software pipeline (open source and available in the Research Common’s Github) to harvest and harmonize UBC datasets from Dryad to Dataverse to consolidate and steward UBC research data for the future, including basic digital preservation.


Need help? Contact research.data@ubc.ca