Good research data management prevents data loss, keeps data secure and facilitates data sharing.

Research data is the data created or generated as part of a research project and exists in many formats including numeric data, text, transcripts, images, video and audio recordings. Research data management describes the activities researchers perform as they create and save their research data.

Learn more:
  • UBC Library DataGuide (version 4.2; May 2017) –  a quick guide we have developed to get you started on Research Data Management.
  • Good Enough Research Data Management – A Very Brief Guide (version 1.1; July 2017). This very brief guide presents a set of good data management practices that researchers can adopt, regardless of their data management skills and levels of expertise. We believe that this practices’ synthesis allows better research computing principles and enhance research collaborations.
  • MANTRA Research Data Management Training – online, self-paced tutorial aimed at PhD students and early career researchers. A good introduction to issues and practices in research data management, with real life stories and scenarios. From our colleagues at the University of Edinburgh.
The UBC Library provides support for research data management, including: